The PERK’s Legal Battle


What you can do to help—Just write 2 letters.



Write to the Governor

Write to the Chief Judge

Mail To:

Governor Martin O’Malley

100 State Circle

Annapolis, MD  21401

Mail To:

Honorable Robert M. Bell

Chief Judge

361 Rowe Blvd.

Annapolis, MD  21401


Talking Points:

1.       You are writing on behalf of The PERK.

2.       Include your memories and experiences at The PERK.

3.       PG case numbers:  CAE 06-07517 and CAL 08-20656.

4.       There has never been an actual trial held where a defence could be presented.

5.       The court has mistakenly mailed trial notifications to the wrong parties on several occasions.

6.       The court then destroyed documents from the official file to hide errors.

7.       The court has failed to follow its own rules in multiple instances.

8.       The opposition’s attorney has been found guilty of mortgage fraud in the past and has been sanctioned by the Virginia State Bar.

9.       The Governor and Chief Judge should intervene to insure justice.


Be sure to include:

Your Name       Your Address        Signature